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“A health & safety problem can be described by statistics but cannot be understood by statistics. It can only be understood by knowing and feeling the pain, anguish, and depression and shattered hopes of the victim and of wives, husbands, parents, children, grandparents and friends, and the hope, struggle and triumph of recovery and rehabilitation in a world often unsympathetic, ignorant, unfriendly and unsupportive, only those with close experience of life altering personal damage have this understanding.”

As industry safety professionals, we understand health and safety like no others who have not seen what we have seen and felt what we have felt when lives are destroyed as a result of accidents. Founded by firefighters, that’s been built around a core of active/retired firefighters, Safety Compliance Services has been helping companies across the world to build safety cultures and support them in keeping their employees safe since 1993. Whether you need compliance training, safety or rescue technical training, culture building or leadership training, safety or emergency preparedness and response consulting services, assistance in overseeing the safety and health of contractors’ at large projects, or standby rescue service for confined space work, we have the capability, experience, and passion to help you reach your safety goals. We also have 2 training facilities located in Syracuse, NY and Scottsdale, AZ.

News + FYI

EMS Corner: Acclimatization and Heat Emergencies Part #I

With summer upon us, we would like to take a moment to think about how warmer temperatures will begin to affect workers who must be outside.  In this two part series we will examine how to prepare for warm weather work and how to avoid environmental emergencies. What is Heat acclimatization? Heat Acclimatization refers to […]

EMS Corner: Diabetic Emergencies

What Is the Difference Between Insulin Shock vs. Diabetic Coma? Diabetic emergencies are common calls for first aid providers and industrial response teams.  Although the symptoms may seem similar, there are vastly different reasons for various diabetic conditions. Insulin Reaction (or Insulin Shock) is a condition that occurs when there is TOO MUCH INSULIN in […]

Mixing and Matching Fall Protection: Can I do that?

Can I mix Fall Protection Equipment from different manufacturers? Although many published documents from manufacturers contain statements such as “Brand X harnesses are designed for use with Brand X components.  Substitution or replacement with non-approved components combinations or subsystems or both may affect or interfere with the safe function of each other and endanger the […]

EMS Corner: CPR Training and Re Training

Following training in CPR, how long is the ability to perform effective CPR retained? Although skill retention from any learned competency varies by individual, the Advisory Council of First Aid and Aquatics Safety and Preparedness (ACFASP) conducted a scientific review in 2009 of 40 different studies on CPR skill retention. Based on their review of […]

Compliance Corner: Fixed Ladders

Am I required to inspect Fixed Ladders in my facility? YES. Though many employers are not aware of the requirement for fixed ladder inspections, OSHA 29CFR1910.27, Fixed Ladders, states in paragraph (f) “All ladders shall be maintained in a safe condition. All ladders shall be inspected regularly, with the intervals between inspections being determined by […]

SCS Welcomes Rescue 6 to the Syracuse Fleet

SCS recently welcomed Rescue 6 to our Syracuse based fleet of support vehicles. Rescue 6 is a 2016 Ford Transit 250 van capable of supporting a variety of rescue operations with a crew of two. Complete with storage areas for rope, rigging, EMS equipment, tools and a work station, Rescue 6 was custom designed to […]

Can the Local Fire Department be my Confined Space Rescue Team?

Our safety professionals often field questions regarding the legitimacy of relaying on 911 for rescue services when working in a permit required confined space. Since this topic has been especially popular the last few weeks, we dug up an OSHA Letter of Interpretation (below) from 2008 that shed a little light on the subject   […]

Cross Sensitivity in Atmosphere Meters

Cross sensitivity refers to a sensor’s ability to be affected by a gas or gasses other than the “target gas”. For example, the CO sensor in many meters is cross sensitive to hydrogen. This means the CO sensor will indicate the presence of CO when, in fact it is actually is in the presence of […]

New Website

Safety Compliance Services has switched to a brand new website to better serve both our customers and our employees. Over the next several months we will be working hard to to update and upgrade the public side of our website to provide more useful information both about our company and our services as well as […]