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Zane’s Weekly Safety Brief 7/19/21

In summer weather and other hot, humid working conditions, drinking enough water is vital to preventing heat illness. The most serious illness, heat stroke, can be fatal. It occurs when the body’s cooling system fails because of moisture and minerals lost to sweating. To prevent heat illness under hot work condition. Wear clothing that allows […]

Zane’s Weekly Safety Brief 7/12/21

Whether your barbecue uses charcoal, wood, propane or natural gas, making sure it’s safe is important. Ensure that your grill is clean prior to use. Grease buildup can cause a fire that cannot be easily extinguished. For gas grills soapy water on connections and fittings can reveal an unwanted leak. Keep your grill at least […]

Zane’s Safety Brief Week of 7/5/21

As the summer season rapidly approaches the use of various fans is going to increase. Fans helps move the air around us and help keep us cooler. However, there are some important safety items we need to look at as the summer approaches. Today as you are around your house or work, take a look […]