Whether you have a handful of contractors providing services at your facility over the course of a year or accommodate hundreds of contractors on-site during regular maintenance outages, providing those contract personnel with a safety orientation before they begin work at your site is of paramount importance in both their and your employee’s safety. However, often this crucial orientation is not conducted or is inadequate due to lack of available resources, lack of time, or simply a lack of knowing what should be covered in such a safety orientation. One cost effective solution is to develop a site-specific Safety Orientation Video and require all contract personnel to view such a video and take a brief quiz on key points on an annual basis prior to their working at your site. With today’s technology, such presentations can be viewed in a reception area, small conference room, computer work station, or anywhere else that a computer or DVD player can be viewed. Use of a Safety Orientation video with follow-up quiz alleviates the need for personnel to become “trainers” and commit valuable time to personally providing a safety orientation to each contractor on a sometimes daily basis. At Safety Compliance Services, we have been developing professional quality site-specific Safety Orientation videos and their associated quizzes since 2001. While there are many video production companies providing such service, when you contract with Safety Compliance Services, you are working with a “Safety” organization to develop your Safety Orientation video as opposed to a videographer with little knowledge of safety developing the content of such a video. Our many years of providing safety training and consulting services to industry, make us uniquely qualified to know what “must” be included in such videos, what “should” be included in such videos and, most importantly, knowing what “should not” be included in such videos to minimize the potential for liability should a contractor be cited for a regulatory violation or be involved in an accident at your site.

Although we specialize in developing and producing Safety Orientation videos for the Power Generation industry, we also have the experience and capability to produce such videos for any type of organization. Our work has included developing Spanish versions of our videos as well as Visitor Safety Orientation videos, which contrary to what one may think, has content that differs greatly from a Contractor orientation video. When you contract Safety Compliance Services for a Safety Orientation video, we will undertake a multi-step process in producing your video;

  1. We will familiarize ourselves with your operation and your use of contractor support
  2. We will work closely with your management and safety team to develop the video content
  3. We will finalize a narration with your management and safety team
  4. We will shoot all necessary video footage at your site
  5. We will have the audio tracks performed by a professional voice talent
  6. We will edit and produce a video draft
  7. We will send you a draft copy for acceptance or modifications
  8. We will finalize the video and provide DVD copies of the video and electronic copies of the quizzes developed to support key points in the video.

If you are interested in our video production service, would like a sample video, or wish to discuss how such a video may assist in your contractor safety orientation  protocols, please feel free to contact us. You will be surprised at how affordable and cost effective it can be.